This agreement is made between Aerial Dance Chicago (ADC) and CHOREOGRAPHER, hereinafter referred to as ARTIST.

Mission & Programmatic Focus

ADC is focused on the creative development of the fine art of contemporary dance and does not create or perform circus art, aerial stunt work or burlesque. ARTIST agrees to align with the mission of the company: The mission of Aerial Dance Chicago is to enrich our community with the fine art of concert dance. Through innovative choreography and engaging performances, our programs educate, strengthen and connect people of all walks of life.  ARTIST agrees to create for a universal audience, appropriate for and appreciated by people of all ages. 


ADC regards safety as the number one priority. ARTIST agrees to read, learn and work according to the guidelines of the ADC Safety Policy.



For the development of choreography, ARTIST will be provided 1 to 1.5 hours of studio time with the dancers per 1 minute of choreography. For example, a 3-minute work is allotted about 3 to 4.5 total hours of studio time. Rehearsals will be scheduled within the following hours: Tuesdays 11:00-2:00, Thursdays 11:00-2:00, Fridays 11:30-2:00.

Piece Length

Choreography for Road to the Sky program must be under 3:00 minutes. Choreography for other ADC productions must be under 6:00 minutes, unless otherwise approved by the Artistic Director.


ADC provides studio rehearsal space rigged for aerial dance, professional dancers highly trained in contemporary dance and aerial dance forms, dancers to understudy roles, costume options, professional lighting, marketing, photography, videography and a live, professional presentation of the work in a performance venue rigged for aerial dance.



ARTIST will receive a creative fee of $100.00. ARTIST will also receive photography and videography of choreography. ARTIST agrees to use all media according to the “Credit Agreement” below.



Creative material generated during ADC activities, including but not limited to rigging design, apparatus design, movement, training, curriculum, choreography, costumes, lighting, photos/videos (including media taken with ARTIST device), etcetera, are copyrighted property of Aerial Dance Chicago.


Sharing on Social Media

When posting/sharing media from ADC activities, ARTIST agrees to directly and prominently tag @aerialdancechicago on the first line of text. In the case tag is not possible, artist agrees to credit “Aerial Dance Chicago” full company name on the first line of text.


Credit Agreement

If ARTIST remounts work or any portion of the work originally created through an ADC choreographic/performance project, ARTIST agrees to credit Aerial Dance Chicago. For all instances in which the choreography is remounted for another company, another production, or for a grant application, video presentation, festival, social media, or any other type of showing of the work, etc., ARTIST agrees to clearly credit ADC in the text, printed program, other printed material, on the video, or verbally if there is no written material. ARTIST agrees to provide credit as follows:  “This work was originally created through the support of Aerial Dance Chicago.”

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I agree to the terms of this contract, I promise to honor and protect copyrighted property of the organization and I agree to work from a place of integrity as an artist for Aerial Dance Chicago.
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