"Aerial Dance Chicago has and continues to be the gold standard for aerial dance and acrobatics in this city." -Art Intercepts



Indoors or outdoors, our unique aerial dance performances will captivate and inspire your audience. 



With grace and elegance, our airborne dancers will leave your guests dazzled and inspired.


Our team of experts will bring exciting aerial dance workshops and/or performances to your school or university. 



Past clients and venues


Rigging information

We have been rigging theaters, schools, and other many venues for over eighteen years. Rigging is unique for each project and requirements vary depending on the piece of choreography being performed or the type of workshop being taught. Our rigging is flexible and we can work to accommodate a variety of spaces and rig point heights.

Most of our work requires a ceiling height of 13 feet or higher. If rigging to an existing structure is not possible, our freestanding rig can be set up both indoors or outdoors.. This portable rig requires no cables or stakes, just an open space of about 25 x 30 feet and a ceiling clearance of at least 20 feet.