The Youth Dance Ensemble is focused on the development of aerial dance artistry within the spirit and community of an ensemble.


The Youth Dance Ensemble was founded in 2002 to take the unique vision that guides ADC's professional company and extend this to developing young artists. The program immerses youth dancers in the study of ballet, aerial dance, improvisation and other contemporary dance forms with bi-annual performance opportunities. Comprised of twelve dedicated young dancers ages 7 through 17, YDE provides a nurturing and challenging atmosphere for young people to rise to their fullest potential in both dance and in life.

spring 2018 Program

  • Required commitment of 24 weeks: January 8 - June 24, 2018
  • The application deadline is December 12, 2017. (submit online form below)


  • One weekly Rehearsal: MON 5:30-7:00 pm 
  • One weekly Ballet Class at appropriate level.
  • One weekly Aerial Dance Class at appropriate level.
  • Additional dance and aerial dance classes are optional, but recommended.


  • Youth Dance Ensemble Showcase - Saturday June 16, 2018 
  • Solstice Flight Student Showcase - Saturday June 23, 2018
  • Solstice Flight Student Showcase - Sunday June 24, 2018 

YDE Attendance policy

  • Solid commitment is required to join the YDE program. If unable to commit fully to the program it is best for your child to attend regular class programs instead of joining YDE.
  • Aerial dance is physically and mentally demanding and takes repeated practice to learn. In order to teach young dancers the challenging choreography and prepare them for performances, excellent attendance to class and rehearsal is critical. If dancers miss more than 2 dates of class or rehearsal, they will not be considered for future YDE programs.


For each 8-week term below, YDE must register and pay online for the three required classes/rehearsals, as well as any additional optional classes. Mark your calendars with class term dates:

  • New Year Term: January 8 - March 4 
  • Spring Term: March 5 - April 29
  • Solstice Term: April 30 - June 24 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Online payment and registration must be completed prior to the first week of each term.

YOUTH DANCE ENSEMBLE                               Spring 2018 Application Form

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